Discover net-zero carbon hospitality

  1. Reduce carbon emissions of your stays and events by consulting our list of priority actions.
  2. Calculate the carbon footprint of your Accor experience.
  3. Invest in carbon projects to balance your emissions. Receive your certificate, 
detailing your support and contribution to climate protection.

Result: 2,585,000 kg CO2 compensated to date

Room Night Footprint

Calculate the footprint of one or more room nights using Accor hotel data.

Event Footprint

Calculate the footprint of an event at an Accor hotel of one or more days. Choose to add the specifics for your event or use our hotel-specific estimates.

Direct Purchase of Carbon Credits

Balance the emissions of any activity by entering the known or estimated emissions and selecting a carbon credit portfolio to support.

Accor’s Net-Zero Climate Ambition

The science today is clear, the world has a carbon problem. Greenhouse gasses from human activity are building up in Earth’s atmosphere, faster than nature can absorb them. These emissions are heating the planet and driving climate change.

Each year Accor hosts guests who seek hospitality to live, work and play. As an industry leader, Accor follows the latest science and is prioritising the reduction of its environmental footprint to preserve our planet and its resources for future generations. Accor has set ambitious targets for 2030 to limit global warming to +1.5 °C and committed to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 with a program for hotels to reduce their footprints.

We invite our guests and partners to calculate the remaining carbon footprint of their accommodation or event and purchase certified carbon credits to balance the remaining emissions.

Learn more about the basics of carbon removals and Accor’s approach